SALLY | 21 ; CA

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April 10, 2014 ; 12:32 am.

It’s usually this late at night when a bunch of stuff comes to my mind.
Right now, I feel nostalgic. I think back to when I was in high school and how I had a lot of people who I called my friends. People who I spent 4 years of my life with at school. Now they’re all gone and what’s left of a friendship that once was is the memories. Looking back I realize that I acted out in ways I shouldn’t have with some people and got mad over very stupid insignificant things. Because of that friendships were broken that I wish I could mend. They say it’s never to late to fix things with someone. But I chose to not play with broken glass. Maybe we weren’t ment to stick around for to long with each other. We grow up, we meet new people and we move on. It doesn’t mean I don’t wish I could fix things. I just miss my old friends. If you guys reading this, just know I’m sorry.